Partnering with institutions and agencies to produce professional, authentic, results-based video content for marketing and communication teams

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Planning & Strategy

Every successful video project starts with a well thought out plan. We’ll work with your team to help design an effective strategy, from initial concept, to target audience, to script and storyboarding.


Filming & Producing

When it comes time to film and produce, Vivineer LLC has experienced filmmakers with years of expertise operating cameras. Our seasoned cinematographers will capture outstanding footage and audio.


Editing & Distribution

With editing experience and skill, we can creatively weave together the footage, voiceovers, interviews and animation into a superbly impactful piece sure to boost engagement with your target audience.




Client Comments

“Of the thousands of people who have seen Mike’s work within our community; many have remarked his creativity brought a tear to their eyes. He is an absolute talent and a true pro.”
Ed Keohane: V. Chancellor Communications, UMass Medical School
“Michael spends considerable effort on the front end to determine your needs, budget, timeline and collaborative intent, which in turn results in excellent project management.”
Brian Barnes: VP Clinical Affairs, Medical Device Industry
“Compelling. visually stimulating. effective. Those words accurately summarize the quality of Mike Laramee’s work; he possesses an innate skill for bringing ideas to vivid life.”
Vanessa Charles: Communications Specialist, Genzyme
“We wanted something that looked professional and custom, but not too over the top. Michael delivered just that at a reasonable price. We look forward to collaborating on-goingly”.
John Dudley: Owner, United Home Experts
“Mike is an extremely hard working, creative, and collaborative individual who has been able to use resources very effectively. He developed successful brand recognition with significant reach.”
Julien Bradley: Director Project Management, Thermo Fisher Scientific


“He met tight deadlines, accommodated multiple requests across various departments, minimized disruption to patrons and staff, and produced a high quality product in record time.”
Elaine Marin: Director of Library Services, Lamar Soutter Medical Library
“I don’t see Mike as a contracted resource but rather a part of our creative and production team. He interfaces well with our clients and has a good instinct for client needs.”
Rich Suitum: President, Exsel Smart Marketing
“He has created and introduced many outstanding media intros and video commercials that quickly captured the interest and imaginations of our target audience.”
Jenny Vargas: Tech Solutions Specialist, Intertek
“He has taken our ideas and fashioning them into custom crafted videos, conveying our passion in a way that has energized both us and our clients.”
Anthony D'Elia: Owner, Revelation Productions
“Michael went the extra mile. He showed up on time, ready to work, everyday and was invaluable to the success of the production.”
James Sloan: Logistics Developer, Tech Research Group

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